August Series: FAVORITES


This month we are looking at some of our staff member’s “Favorite” passages, or stories from the Bible. Ashley took us through one of her favorite Bible verses, and taught us about our identity in Christ. Dillon shared about one of his favorite Bible stories, and talked about what obedience looks like and having obedience to God. This weekend Katie will be sharing with us one of her favorite stories to wrap up the series.


Weekend Information:

Our weekend services exist to shatter the stereotype that church is boring! All 7th and 8th grade students are invited to join us at one of our four services each weekend for an energetic time of fun, laughter, learning, and worshiping God.

We realize that coming into an unfamiliar church environment, especially one as big as JHM, can be scary and intimidating. If you’re new, we’d love to connect you with one of our JHM staff before you show up on the weekend. Whether you’re a guy or girl, 7th or 8th grader, we have a team full of people who’d love to meet you and make you feel welcome! Feel free to give one of us an email or a call and let us know you’re coming.

  • 8th Grade Girls – Megan Bagnall 
  • | 949.609.8692
  • 7th Grade Girls – Mikayla Mollica
  •  | 949.609.8532
  • 8th Grade Guys – Dillon Petrarca
  • | 949.609.8695 
  • 7th Grade Guys – Matt Heer 
  • | 949.609.8630